The Gruesome Find Dick Miles

ISBN: 9781499146431

Published: April 19th 2014


314 pages


The Gruesome Find  by  Dick Miles

The Gruesome Find by Dick Miles
April 19th 2014 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 314 pages | ISBN: 9781499146431 | 10.51 Mb

June Parker was not meant to die. As for the rest... A compelling crime drama, The Gruesome Find grips you with the dark descent of Jason Black into criminal insanity and the British detectives ordered to hunt him down. But with bodies piling up, what will be the ultimate cost of this thriller police investigation? When a murder is witnessed from a train window, Detective Inspector Barnes and Detective Constable Stamp are told to take the case. Their investigations lead them to the disappearance of June Parker, and to Jason Black, her gardener, and the man who stabbed her with a kitchen knife.

Unable to find a body and with no concrete evidence, the police investigation is forced to eliminate Jason from their list of suspects. It is not long, however, before Jason is discovered. A local fisherman spotted him disposing of the evidence of his thriller crime of passion and attempts to blackmail him. He must be silenced. It is then that criminal insanity starts to take over Jasons mind.

Mistakenly arrested for another murder he did not commit, when the British detectives Barnes and Stamp discover June Parkers head in a local river, he flees and takes up a new identity. But his crime of passion still haunts him. The police are still after him. Even after he settles down, hoping to forget his past, Jasons thriller crime is discovered and he is forced to kill again.

With the net closing in and nowhere left to run, The Gruesome Find culminates in a frantic thriller police chase through the streets of the town of Kings Lynn. But they always say an animal is most dangerous when it has been cornered... An upcoming writer of crime drama, Dick Miles writes with aplomb and within the pages of The Gruesome Find creates a well-woven, dynamic portrait of criminal insanity and desperation.

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